Wens Lens Now Officially Supplies *AULEKTRO* to the US Quality Welding Lenses

Affordably Priced These Lens are a Glass, Gold Mirrored ( Green ) Welding Lens.. Amazing Clarity, and Very Affordable....Need Great Clarity, without spending alot? Try an Aulektro Lens !

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The Aulektro Brand lens for welding applications is by far the best single piece welding lens on the planet. It is superior in clarity, functionality, and economically. I personally have studied Metallurgy and hold degrees in both Metallurgy and in Light Spectra Analysis, and I have been impressed with the craftsmanship of the Aulektro welding lenses as no other. We here at Wens Lens, decided without much discussion,that Aulektro Brand Welding Lenses(from Germany) are the top of the line in passive shade lenses.When we started this company in November of 2013, I was really just a salesman of Aulektro Lenses at that time but I didn't actually work for Aulektro. I believed in these lenses and their ability to aide welders in producing quality welds everytime, the first time that I decided I would start distributing their lenses, using my own money to get started, my wife loaned me $225.00 out of my paycheck so I could purchase some of these lenses. With all of my wife's faith in me and God,and I started selling them to everyone I knew. It did not take long, with the quality of glass coupled with the reflection and the light dispersment qualities of the real gold overlaying on them, and Aulektro was a hit to everyone that owned one . I was not a salesman mind you. So if a man said that he wasn't interested, I wouldn't bother asking him twice. I don't handle rejection well so , to say the least, it wasn't hard to make money with these lenses. They reflect most all ifrared rays (97%) and UV rays are reflected and absorbed. I don't here many people talk bad about Aulektro lenses and I would definitely go head to head with any other manufacturer out there without batting an eye. The only lens better than the Aulektro is the Wens Lens Ultra. That being said, the Wens Lens Ultra, starts out every time with an Aulektro lens as a base lens. We would not use any other lens on the planet. No other lens is even close to taking it's place nor will I ever consider it.

The Wens Lens Ultra is just that. I put a lot of work into this lens and it really paid off. Like many others, I sure did miss the old American Optics lens of the past, and with prices reaching a thousand dollars a piece for them online no one could afford to buy one either. Let's face it ,there was that cobalt glass issue that I really never got a straight answer about, when it came to the safety of the lens, so it was time for a make over . This really fueled my fire to get me one , put it on my desk, and write down everything that I could, that was detrimental about The Weld Cool Lens and see if there was anything I could do about redesigning this dinosaur into a little more modern version. So the first thing to go was the cobalt.I never really liked cobalt anyway. After some lengthy research I discovered that not only was there new and more modern technology glass out there but I discovered that an old colleague of mine was working with a gentleman for a company in the Cape Canaveral area and he new of a glass that this team of engineers had come up with for observation of the sun in outer space. In fact,he expressed to me just how much this glass would aide my application.After hearing his claims, I would have paid over 1000 dollars to get my hands on a piece of it and try it out..

This led to the first Wens Lens Ultra becoming a real product in the welding industry that I had no idea was going to accomplish three very difficult and unique task that are not easily accomplished in welding lenses.

First, this glass filter called a" Dichroic Filter , has the ability to manipulate light like no other piece of glass known to man. It can actually choose what light Spectras to allow passage through the glass. It acts as a gate guard ,if you will, to only allow certain light spectra(colors) to be transmitted through and then reflect all the rest of the light back where it came from. Not only can this lens do that, but it also is able to clarify what is seen through the lens under extremely bright light. This means that when most welders are squinting and are about to lose their mind because of the headache they have from welding all day, the welder using this lens has an very relaxed retna because the blue tint has erased all the flare associated with welding arc so that the welder can see what he is doing in comfort with added definition.

Second the glass actually defines what you are seeing through the lens with the aide of the bright arc from the welding and the molten metal, much like your television uses an LED behind your screen to achieve high definition.

Third the glass , when assembled with the welding lens, places the mirror between the welding lens and the new technology glass actually protecting the mirror from being scratched by the occasional scrape or bump from dropping it or cleaning it. This will undoubtedly extend the life of the lens considerably. This was a perk that I had not counted on but some how just worked out that way. I wanted to do more than just give the welders out there another green lens or even a copy of a lens from the past. With the Wens Lens Ultra, I think we have accomplished that, and we will never stop improving on our lenses until we can all agree that it can't be improved anymore. With all the resources and technology out there in the world today, I can't wait to do it all over again !