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Customer Reviews

Across the country, Welders love Wens Lens Ultra Blue!

"I’ve been running the Original Wens Lens for about over 2 years. It was great! I was only ready to upgrade because of natural wear and tear from exchanging clear lens in coal fire boilers. I upgraded to the Electric Ice Blue and I was amazed at the clarity. This is a great product and I would recommend it to other craftsmen."

Andrew Gutierrez, Hardin County, TX

"I've got to tell you, those #11 lenses are INSANE ! Closest thing to the original Cool Blue, I've looked through."

Blaine Roberts, Beaumont, Texas

"These lenses are SICK! You can see everything with them, they're sooooooo CLEAR!"

Sean Humble, Evadale, Texas

"Clearest lens I've used since the AO. Worth every penny."

Terry Joe Mauldin, Sante Fe, Texas

"The Wens Lens Ultra is Bad Ass. Started using mine today - worth every penny"

Eugene Williamson, Amite, LA